The Gen Z vote is up for grabs.

The gut punches just keep coming for Joe Biden. His job approval numbers are still tanking, and now comes the news that Gen Z, who helped drag him across the finish line four years ago, are bailing on him.  

In 2020 Biden carried younger voters by 24 points over Trump, according to exit polls. A Tuft's University Circle study found that Gen Z alone turned as many as four states from red to blue. That was then, this is now: Survey after survey has Bidens approval among this critical group cratering—over a third of those who backed him last time say they wont this time.

So whats behind this dramatic swing? Zebra Tattoo Factory partnered with KA Consulting to find out. The answer isnt exactly a stunner: Its the economy, Joe.

Many young voters surveyed feel their lives have been put on hold due to  the economy and inflation; in particular, high-interest rates are forcing them to put off buying their first home, keeping them living with their parents, or struggling to pay rising rents.

Gen Z will cast nearly one in five votes in 2024. Any political campaign that doesn't connect with them on the issues they care about will pay a price.  

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