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Welcome to the Zebra Tattoo Factory

Let’s be honest, no one reads the about page. But here we are! And we believe this one is well worth reading.

Why? Because while everyone is talking about Gen Z, we’re talking to them. In fact, that’s why BrabenderCox started Zebra Tattoo Factory – to share what we have learned with smart marketers like you.

Every day we’re putting in the hard work, conducting primary quantitative and qualitative research, ad and content testing, ethnographic research, and monitoring every new data set or insight that becomes available about Generation Z. And then were using all we know to help political candidates, brand marketers, and some of the world’s largest companies, organizations and professional sport franchises implement programs that don’t just reach Gen Z, but effectively influence them.

Gen Z is the largest and most diverse generation in history. They are rapidly changing how elections are won, products are sold, ideas are shared, and movements accomplished. And Zebra Tattoo Factory is here to help you effectively communicate to this complicated generation at every step of the journey.


The Genesis of Zebra Tattoo

Some have wondered about our name and logo. It’s very simple. Gen Z does not act like typical Democrats (donkeys) or Republicans (elephants). They are something quite unique (zebras). But they are also often an oxymoron (a zebra-striped bunny). And they are an extremely expressive generation, not afraid to show their true colors in the form of tattoos and body art.

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