If Republicans are elephants and Democrats are donkeys, what do you call the generation that doesn’t fit any mold?

Gen Z wants nothing to do with traditional categories. They don’t see themselves as elephants OR donkeys. They are proud to be zebras. Or rabbits or whatever fits their mood. And just when you think you’ve figured them out, they’ve changed again.

At BrabenderCox we’ve been sounding the alarm about the power of Gen Z for numerous election cycles. And while everyone else is talking about Gen Z, we went directly to the source and talked to Gen Z. We joined forces with some of the most respected polling firms, consumer research firms, and content testing companies to develop a comprehensive understanding one of the most impactful generations in history.

Our research helps our clients not only better understand Gen Z’s motivations and behaviors and how and where to best reach them, but also how to most effectively develop the creative work that will inspire and motivate them.

That’s exactly why we’ve created Zebra Tattoo Factory, a first-in-industry specialty practice focused solely on marketing, targeting and creating to Gen Z.

We’re already hard at work helping our clients. From Presidential candidates and professional sport franchises, to large consumer retailers, non-profit organizations, and national healthcare providers, we are implementing smart and effective campaigns focusing on these young consumers.

Contact us here to gain access to our research and insights so we can help your campaign, company, or organization successfully connect with Gen Z. And if you think you would fit in well as a member of the Zebra Tattoo Factory team, we hope you will reach out to us as well.

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